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A Walk in the Woods

A question, a wonder, a thought...

Standing in a frosty woodland, where the sunlight dapples the frozen chestnut ground, I close my eyes for a moment; I listen to the sounds around me. How different would life be if there was no music in the world to express ourselves?

Somewhere nearby, a stream bubbles. It’s quite the chatterbox, but none compared to the extroverted red-chested robins, who tweet their greetings to both the surroundings and the other singing birds. The trees’ leaves swish freely in the breeze, like an obscure percussion instrument; the creaking of the ancient and knowledgeable oak sets a beat for the rest of the orchestra. I could imagine the notes from nature’s band floating in the air.

If there were to be no music, there would be no nature. I continue walking up the slippery path, concentrating on the sounds of the forest. The sounds of life suddenly seemed more palpable. As I reach a clearing, where the sun beams down, I hear the descending scale of music that I had always loved; it was floating up from the distant town below, resonating with its surroundings. The ringing of church bells, implore people to join the church’s morning worship. The sound had always made me smile. I could distinctly hear the bright chime of the treble bell, its head high in the clouds and the low, thunderous rumble of the tenor.

I continue to gaze out at the mountainous landscape, deep in thought. Music is ingrained in life and not just in human life.

In nature.

We need to protect our wildlife, we need to protect our planet. The first musicians of the world need to be helped and we need to rise to that, in a crescendo of love for the planet we call home.

By Emily, Youth Leadership Group member, the Penpont Project.

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