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Don’t Listen to Us Only One Day A Year!

Happy International Women’s Day! I am here to talk about how and why women need to be acknowledged for their roles in our society, in environmentalism and conservation, and how their unique roles within our social constructs need to be recognized.

Image: AFC Ambassador Cayla

Women’s and girls’ voices always have been and always will be important to the environmental movement. However, these voices have often been silenced throughout history. So how is this linked to our environment?

The climate crisis impacts every single person on earth, so it is important that we hear the voices of all people from a variety of different genders, ethnicities and backgrounds. Women are often in charge of running the households (even in this day and age) which means that they may be left at home to take care of the children and the house. This means that (especially in developing countries) things like droughts and wildfires that destroy produce for income/food will significantly affect women and their children.

Images left and right: River bed during drought, a wildfire near a main road.

We can support more women and girls in taking action by inviting female environmental activists to go around schools and introduce different volunteer opportunities to the outdoors. This volunteer work would make the surrounding environment a much friendlier place, create a sense of community and a bond with nature, and a chance at a newfound family!

Image description and credits left to right: Dr Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Michelle Obama, Greta Thunberg.

Some of the women who have inspired me to take action are Greta Thunberg, Dr Ayana Elizabeth Johnson for her ocean science work. Lastly, Michelle Obama because she was inspiring young kids by bringing them into the White House gardens to plant vegetables, get them involved in nature and give them access to nourishing food. And of course, Morgan and Hannah from the Action for Conservation team!

Thanks for reading!


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