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Running on the wild side

Chris and Sarah Webb are working hard to run 26.2 miles on 22nd April 2018 and raise £3,000 for Action for Conservation while they do it. Support Chris and Sarah by following their journey and donating to their campaign here:

Sarah and I are not runners. Slow joggers perhaps. But we’ve never made it past 13 miles in an event, and for good reason: mostly related to our knees! So, it is both a state of fear and excitement we find ourselves in as we tackle our first (and likely last!) marathon.

We are however extremely determined to make it over the finish line. And the main reason for that is because we are running to raise money for Action for Conservation.

Action for Conservation (AFC) are working to help inspire the next generation of conservationists across the UK.

They recognise that today’s youth are growing up more disconnected from nature than in any previous generation. However not only does the world need natural places, it needs the next generation to connect to them, to belong to them, and ultimately to work and advocate for them.

Action for Conservation runs an integrated set of school workshops, summer training camps (which I was lucky enough to attend in 2017) and a youth ambassadors programme to bring the magic of nature into young people's lives, inspiring a youth movement committed to conservation.

As someone who has spent my career trying to leave the planet in a better state than I found it (I am currently working for The Nature Conservancy), and Sarah currently training to be a Forest School teacher, Action for Conservation’s mission is one which we believe passionately about. And anyone who knows our two girls will also know they are never happier than when exploring the woods behind our house!

We are therefore truly grateful for everyone who has supported us in this slightly crazy endeavour, and hope that like us you can be inspired by knowing that your generosity is helping to empower young people to take positive action which supports the natural world we all depend on.

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