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Our Summer Camp Experience

In July and August 2021 Action for Conservation ran four incredible residential summer camps across the UK for young people aged 12 to 16. The camps took place in three of the UK's most beautiful National Parks, the Peak District National Park, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and the South Downs National Park. Check out what some of the campers from the North West Peak District Camp had to say about their experience.


On camp I enjoyed learning about social issues and discussing problems as a whole group and in smaller groups. My favourite memories are from the games that we all played together!

Young people should apply because it is really fun and a great chance to learn new things and make new friends. It is so important that young people have these opportunities as it gives them an understanding of the future and how we can make an impact. Whilst at the same time making friends! I would like to educate young people to use their voice to speak out on environmental issues, as this is our future.

Things I enjoyed learning about on camp included: bees, bats, lavender, stars, spiders!


Going to camp was an amazing experience, I got to have so much fun meeting new friends, seeing new sights and most importantly learning new lessons. AFC were so supportive and friendly, as well as all the others around me. The Peak District National Park was a great place to spend my summer!


My experience at AFC camp was fantastic I was able to make new friends, eat delicious foods, make amazing memories and also had the opportunity to stargaze for the first time and find how fascinating the stories behind the stars can be.

The activities when we went to learn more about birds was brilliant because I was actually able to touch the bird which felt amazing.

Some of my camp highlights were the breakfasts, lunches and dinners because everyone would sit and talk about how they felt!

Thank you for reading.

Ese, Ruth & Olivia.

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