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Vinnie's Ambassador Journey

The activities I’ve taken part in as part of the Ambassador Programme include not only going on an unforgettable camp in the South Downs and making new friends, but also traveling to places like the WWT London Wetland Center.

Becoming an Ambassador has motivated me to carry on with the wildlife photography I do (particularly photos of birds) as well as do anything I can to help the environment, whether that be getting in touch with the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology), which Action for Conservation has helped me do, or simply doing things locally, like litter picking.

I think the programme has helped me get a sense of what I want to do following Secondary School; I’ve learned that the environment is prevalent in many jobs and career paths, such as Law, which I’m already passionate about and excited to learn at college. Not only that, but the skills the programme has helped me improve (such as communication skills from group Zoom calls and discussing environmental issues like global warming and intensive farming) have been extremely beneficial in everyday life too.

Overall, the Ambassador Programme has given me hope that young people can truly make a positive change to our environment if we all work together. To get more people supporting the programme by donating would help it to grow even more. Young peoples’ voices need to be heard, and helping the Ambassador Programme to give more of them a chance to do so would be incredible. If the programme has not only been both helpful and amazing for me, both in aiding me figure out my ambitions regarding the environment in the future, but also the treasured memories it’s given me, imagine how many more young people it could reach.

Thanks for reading,

Vinnie, Youth Ambassador

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