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Ambassador Adventures with Danny

Hi, I'm Danny and I'm 13 years old. I have been part of the Action for Conservation (AFC) Ambassador Programme since I applied to go on one of their summer camps in 2021, when I was 12 years old. Because of Covid I had never stayed away from home before, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect - but it was even more fun than I imagined and I had an incredible time. I didn't know anyone else attending before we all met in London to start our journey to camp, but I quickly got to know everyone and had some great conversations and shared some brilliant experiences, like bird ringing and tree popping. I didn't want my time at camp to end and I had so much to tell my family about when I got home.

Luckily for me, our AFC adventures didn't

end there. Since coming home from camp, the AFC Ambassador Programme has given me even more opportunities, including a visit to a rewilding site and even a trip to plant trees.

As part of AFC I was also invited to take part in a Zoom focus group for the Department of Education. We were asked to give our thoughts about the draft document that explained the government's plans for how sustainability and climate change are going to be taught in schools. I was able to read the document and talk about the sections and ideas that I agreed with and the sections that I thought could be improved.

My favourite things about AFC are the following:

  1. It gave me a chance to make more friends and spend time with people who have the same kind of interests as me.

  2. It has taught me about more key information about our planet than I knew before.

  3. And one final thing, AFC has taught me what we can all actually do to help and to make a difference, rather than just reading about it in books or online. AFC brings to life all the important issues in conservation and environmental action in ways that make us all think more carefully about how our lives and our choices impact our world.

The Ambassador Programme is fun, educational and inspiring, and it is open to all. Donating to Action for Conservation is an amazing way of helping to produce an informed generation to save and protect the planet and humanity from further damage. By donating to AFC, you are giving massive opportunities to change and enrich the lives of young people like me who may then be better equipped and informed about the best ways to take action. By Danny, 13, Youth Ambassador

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